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My First Poker Blog Post

Since starting my new job as copy and content writer for Blonde 2.0 a couple weeks ago, I've been busy writing blogs and press releases for a number of clients. Unfortunately, I don't get to publicly claim credit for my writing; most of it must remain anonymous and impersonal. Indeed, that is often the price you must pay as a writer in the real world. (Luckily, you can still maintain your personal style while remaining impersonal.)

But there is one exception. One entry I wrote for a blog this week was received well enough (i.e. I wasn't threatened with being sent to Siberia or Gaza or the Edmonton Oilers) such that not only do I get to put my own name in it, but I'll be contributing to it regularly and even get a coveted spot in "The Writers" section! You know you've "made it" when you get your name published on a website that isn't your own. (Now I can add that to an ever-growing list including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube... quite an accomplishment!)

SO I'd like to share this blog here. I'm assuming you aren't interested in reading about forex trading or binary options or Israeli startups, but if you are, I'd be happy to direct you to my writing on such topics (or maybe I just did).

What I am assuming is that you love reading about poker, relationships, or, better yet, both. Whether you'd actually take advice from someone with so little poker experience, and even less relationship experience, is something you can decide for yourself.

Anyway, I invite you to check out my first entry for PokerBuddy's blog: "5 Reasons Why You Should Play Poker With Your Girlfriend". And don't be scared to "like" it or leave a comment, whether here or there!

Thanks, and I hope you learn a thing or five.

P.S. I just finished watching the seventh season of Curb Your Enthusiasm. What a show and what a finale! It just keeps getting finer with age... much like myself.


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