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Way to be Original!

You know, it's hard as hell to come up with an original blog name. (And yes, as you can tell, I have though it over and decided this blog is here to stay; if not for anything else, it's for the joy of writing with no particular purpose other than creative expression... something it's taken me a little too long to rediscover).

I originally decided to call this blog "The Situational," but after realizing I misspelled the URL, I discovered that there was already a blog bearing not only that name, but also mimicked the concept I used in my first entry and was considering going forward with. Regardless of the fact that "The Situational" hasn't been updated in 4.5 years and sucks (naturally), I couldn't bear the thought of not having a blog title and URL to call my very own.

I tested every appealing idea I could come up with, involving an assortment of combinations of words like satirony, think, intimate, talk, words, spit, scenario, Blog of the Year... but they were all taken! And not only were they taken, but they were all taken by fools who decided to start a blog in 2002 or 2003 or what have you, posted one or two angry rants (if any), and then decided to abandon their undeveloped sites, taking a great blog name and/or URL to the grave with them. Bastards. According to my research, eighty percent of Blogger sites were created in the middle of the night by drunk young-adults who just broke up with their lovers or got in a fight with one of their best friends. (Okay, so maybe my case isn't so different, after all.)

Ample thinking-time later, I received a YouTube link from my Irish friend, Cian Mulligan, in response to this funny animated video I sent him about the iPhone versus HTC Evo. After watching what Cian sent me -- an insightful video on how great leaders inspire action that I highly recommend -- I decided to listen to "Human" by The Killers (another Cian reference). Consequently, it only took me a bit longer to invent a blog name.

What I derived from the above video was similar to an important lesson about writing that I learned in Grant MacEwan University's professional writing program. Give your readers a reason to think, a reason to relate to you, a reason to care. Otherwise, you're wasting your time and theirs. Your writing will have little significance and no one will dedicate their scarce time to reading it. They shouldn't have to ask, "Why are you telling me this?"

So, while I can't promise this blog to be always interesting or funny or angry or sexy or emotionally scarring, what I can promise is that I'll try my damned hardest, for as long as this blog lasts.

After all, we're all human. Surely we can find some common ground.

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