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To Blog or Not to Blog?

Inciting Incident:

You have time on your hands, but time that should be spend doing important things you're not doing: being out in the sun, going for a run, looking for a job, day-trading, organizing your thousands of photos, writing that screenplay, or, at the moment, getting ready for Shabbat dinner.

You're a writer by trade so you're well aware that you should always be writing, whatever the form and content may be. So on that front, keeping a blog would certainly be a positive. And you're also told that, as a writer, it's important to have a social-networking presence that exposes your writing to the online world and can also serve as a portfolio of sorts.

But surely you already spend way too much time online, and you question whether it's worth the effort. Is it art, is it commentary, or is it even more time wasted in front of the computer? What will it be about? And will anyone even read it?

What do you do?

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