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Knowledge Base Article

A knowledge base article written by Adam Vinokoor for a B2B SaaS startup

One of many articles I wrote about the Pecan platform and concepts related to machine learning and data science. In fact, I built this knowledge base from the ground up.

B2B eBook


One of several eBooks I authored on the topics of customer experience and product content. It is titled "3 Ways to Maximize Case Deflection in Your Salesforce Community."

Marketing Email


One in a series of marketing emails that were designed to help Sprint customers get more out of their devices and achieve greater security in their technology-driven lives.

Case Study


A white-label success story about one of Zoomin's enterprise customers. (Hint: it's a financial services company not named Visa or American Express).

Onboarding Video


A personalized video that introduces customers to their mobile device and plan, tells them about next steps, and encourages them to download the mobile app.

Product Page

dealhub new.png

Highly refined messaging comes to life in this solution page for DealHub's flagship product: DealRoom.

YouTube Ad

dealhub new.png

A promotional video that has been viewed over 5.5 million times on YouTube. Titled "One Fluid Sales Motions", it beautifully illustrates DealHub's value propositions.

Product Video

A product tutorial video written by freelance writer Adam Vinokoor for a Tel Aviv B2B SaaS startup

A video introduction to Pecan AI's predictive analytics platform. Created for potential buyers further down the marketing funnel. Written and narrated by yours truly.

Blog Post

dealhub new.png

An article that explores key findings from an industry report conducted by DealHub. It's titled "Win Rate: We Analyzed $25B Worth of Deals, Here’s What We Found".

Pitch Deck

sundaysky (1).png

A presentation that showcases the expertise of SundaySky's creative studio, and helped the company win the business of more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies.

Marketing video


An animated video that explains to customers how Vodafone uses their personal data, and encourages them to opt in to share their data usage information.

Print Ad


One of many ads, brochures and marketing assets I created for Canada's most popular tourist destination.

Please contact me directly for UX writing samples.

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